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Leaky roof, dampness wall, salt petre wall or any other cracks, creats indecency and unpleasant atmosphere in your dream home and it also losses its strength and longisibilty, Moreover, dampnes atmostphere in home are harmfull to health and favour to fever, cough cold, headache etc.


Almost all buildings, of RCC framed structure or of brick work, suffer from most serious phenomenon of leakage, seepage & dampness, which arise due to porosities, honeycombs, cavitation, capillary channels and mainly due to bad workmanship. Rainwater can pass thought roof slab & walls due to the above faults; underground & water retaining structures are always in contact with water. Water percolates due to hydrostatic pressure. In case of any leakage, seepage, developed the reinforcement gets corroded by oxidation & rust formation, which ultimately generate cracks & disintegrate the concrete. Thus concrete loses its strength sometimes resulting in failure of the structures. To save heavy losses due to above faults, timely precautionary remedial measures and regular maintenance should be carried out. All building structures require in-built water-prrofing measures, water proofing membranes & coating. Water proofing is a treatment of surfaces & structures to prevent leakage, dampness & seepage. Generally, remedial measures are executed without proper technical base, as a result same problem of leakage, etc. comes into play. Ultimate result comes to nought. We introduce ourselves as technical organisation for building services, regular special maintenance and repair works of civil and structural works. We have in our set-up, senior technical personal for supervision and maintenance of quality jobs within a short span of time. We have rendered our services in the field of construction / maintenance to various firms. If you have any query, we shall be glad to call on you explain in details. Thanking you and assuring you of our best services always

Heat Proof Treatment

Heated Roof of top floor is a serious problem like a leaky roof. Due to tremendous increasing of temperature in summer. R. C. C. roof slab is heated as a result creating unbearable unpleasant atmosphere in room and also harmful to health.



Most of the roof slab of the building made of cement concrete. Cement concrete always absorbs heat from sunray. In summer, top roof slab of building is heated due to increasing temperature in atmosphere and lot of heat is transferred into inside of room. As a result inside temperature of a room of top floor is very high which is unbearable for inhabitants. It is headache inhabitants. To minimize this burring problem we introduce an ancient technology in India which is being used in modern method. In this system, well burnt earthen pot is used which is self heat insulation and water proof materials, it is common known to all.

It is headache inhabitants. To minimize this burring problem we introduce an ancient technology in India which is being used in modern method. In this system, well burnt earthen pot is used which is self heat insulation and water proof materials, it is common known to all.

  • First phenomenon of above said procedure earthen pots are placed in arch form as a result lot of air pocket formed inside of the pot. We know air gap is always heat insulating. If any heat penetrate into air pocket. Inside air should lighter and tends to go upwards as a result contact surface of roof should be free from air and no heat can be touch the mother surface of concrete roof.
  • Second phenomenon in this system earthen pot is self waterproof materials and there is a lot of microscopic pores on the surface of pot. Air buble fill up all pores and make a barrier to protect penetrating heat into the pot. Therefore no heat can reach to the mother roof surface and maintain the normal temperature in the room.
  • At all no heat can penetrate through earthen pot and air barriers and also no water can percuaite through earthen pot and waterproof concrete barrier.


  • To save power consumption.
  • To control using A. c. and Fan.
  • To get normal temperature in the room.
  • To get heat proof for ever and waterproof simultaneously.
  • To get smooth surface after treatment.
  • To get healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the room.
  • To avoid false ceiling cost.


  • Water Proofing treatment of Roof Slab.
  • Water Proofing treatment of Roof Slab for Roof Gardening.
  • Water Proofing treatment of Roof Slab with Thermal Insulating.
  • Injection Pressure grouting treatment (Pre and Post Construction)
  • Water Proofing treatment for watertank, lift pit, toilet and all water structure.
  • Leakage and Dampness remedial treatment
  • Salt Petre treatment.
  • Renovation, Rehabilitation, Repair and Maintenance works and Febrication Works. (Sanitation Plumbing Works).
  • Chemical cleaning of claded wall and roof.
  • Colour washing and painting works (Exterior and Interior walls).

At this technological age several types of construction chemical are available in the market. Our experience involves in Water proofing and Repair - adding value to new and existing constructions by waterproofing, specialized repairing, retrofitting, protecting etc. Identification of problems, selection of cost effective technology, proper planning, adherence to the plan and quality in execution and time are four major points we stress as an organization.

We have diversified into this special field of repair and restoration by selecting the most suitable type of cementitious, polymer or epoxy based construction chemicals. In case, it is required we are also ready to provide the complete materials writing repairing procedure (step by step) execution.

We have also been doing Epoxy flooring, grouting / coating and waterproofing. From the enclosed list please find some of our prestigious clients.